[cfe-dev] [PATCH] Add support for dependency files

Kovarththanan Rajaratnam krj at rajaratnam.dk
Fri Aug 22 23:45:33 PDT 2008

Hello Chris,

I somehow missed your review comments. Sorry for the delayed response.

Chris Lattner wrote:
> On Jul 26, 2008, at 3:16 AM, Kovarththanan Rajaratnam wrote:
> I have a couple of comments on the rest of the patch:
> +/// CreateDependencyFileGen - Create dependency file generator.
> +/// This is only done if either -MD or -MMD has been specified.
> +bool CreateDependencyFileGen(Preprocessor *PP, 
> + std::string &OutputFile, 
> + const std::string &InputFile, 
> + bool PreprocessInputFile,
> Please use spaces instead of tabs.


> +  if (!GenerateDependencyFile && !GenerateDependencyFileNoSysHeaders) {
> +    if (!DependencyOutputFile.empty() || !DependencyTarget.empty() || 
> PhonyDependencyTarget)
> Please stay in 80 columns (also a couple other places).


> +  /// FIXME: PP can only handle one callback
> +  if (PreprocessInputFile)
> +    return false;
> The idea behind the callbacks is that they could be chained together. 
>  You could have the dependency file codegen take an input set of 
> callbacks and invoke forward each method as it is called.  In addition 
> to chaining them, please consider checking 'PreprocessInputFile' in the 
> caller of CreateDependencyFileGen.  This would make the code easier to read.

I've moved the check to the caller as suggested. There's still the one 
callback limitation. I wondering whether it would make more sense to 
extend the preprocessor to handle multiple listeners instead. This seems 
to put less burden on the users of clang.

> +const std::string DependencyFileExt("d");
> +const std::string ObjectFileExt("o");
> This causes static constructors to be run.  Is there any reason not to 
> include these inline?  If you want to keep them, please use:
> static const char DependencyFileExt[] = "d";
> which is more efficient.

Fixed (by using the const char solution). I haven't included them inline 
  because it might make sense to be able to configure these?

> +  llvm::SetVector<const char*> Files;
> This won't do what you want, it will unique based on the address of 
> temporary strings.  I'd suggest using a StringSet instead.


Thanks for you comments.

Best Regards
Kovarththanan Rajaratnam
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