[cfe-dev] Constant CFString merge

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Fri Aug 15 03:18:21 PDT 2008

This is a patch that merge the two constants CFString implementation  
(the one in CodeGenModule + ASTContext and  the one in CGObjMac.
Now, the CGObjMac only call the CGM.GetAddrOfConstantCFString()  

It also update the CFString structure declaration by changing the  
const char *str into a void *buffer.
This is because it will be needed later to store either const char *  
or const short * for UTF16 strings (and because the CFString  
declaration in CoreFoundatio also use void *).
I don't know if it should be done like this, or if this is better to  
let char * and then add a cast from short * to char * in UTF16 string  

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