[cfe-dev] Proposed minor refactoring of the diag subsystem

Nico Weber nicolasweber at gmx.de
Sat Aug 9 09:44:47 PDT 2008

> If isInPrivateHeader() is not meaningful for all DiagClients, it
> should be removed from DiagClient. Perhaps Diag should have two
> methods, ReportWithFile(), that takes a HeaderSearch, and Report().
> Then Lex, Parser, and Sema could call this method, and other clients
> could call the ordinary Report() function.

The attached patch does the following changes:

* Remove isInSystemHeader() from DiagClient
* Instead, give Diagnostic a few more Report() overloads that take a  
HeaderSearch as parameter, so that clients calling Report() decide if  
a HeaderSearch should be used (and, in turn, warning from system  
headers should be ignored)
* To make this possible, move HeaderSearch, HeaderMap and  
DirectoryLookup to Basic
* Change Lex, Parse, and Sema so that they pass a HeaderSearch object  
to Report()
* Move FormatError() from TextDiagnostic up to DiagClient, remove now  
empty class TextDiagnostic

This fixes the following problems:

* -html-diags (and probably others) does now output the same set of  
warnings as console clang does
* nothing crashes if one forgets to call setHeaderSearch() on  
* some code duplication is removed

Another approach would be to make HeaderSearch a (possibly NULL)  
member of Diagnostic instead of passing it to Report(), but then all  
clients of Diagnostic have to remember to set this. Now, only the  
clients of Report() have to do this. As Report() is mostly clang- 
internal, but Diagnostic is used by clients linking clang's libraries,  
this makes more sense to me.


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