[cfe-dev] Test suite failures for clang x86-64 and Sparc

Kelly Wilson wilsonkk at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 29 17:38:39 PDT 2007

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if CodeGen/mandel.c and CodeGen/array.c are supposed to
fail from the testsuite (maybe there is a list of possible/probable fail

I am running a Linux x86-64 with svn updates to llvm and clang today.
Clang outputs 'invalid operands to binary operator' for the mandel.c
failure and a 'segmenation fault' for array.c. I can publish full logs
if you like.

Clang is using the 64 bit libs (/lib64/libc.so.6), by the way.

I can look into this a little more if needed. I just checked bugzilla
and there doesn't seem to be bugs listed for this.  


P.S. I just checked clang on my SPARC/Linux machine and only
CodeGen/array.c fails. It is an internal 'bus error' in this case with
no stack trace. This one has no diagnostic or logging info at all :( 

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