[PATCH] D65627: [clang-doc] Continue after mapping error

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Thu Aug 1 18:28:50 PDT 2019

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The tool used to stop execution if there was an error in the mapping phase. It will now show the error but continue with the files that were mapped correctly.



Index: clang-tools-extra/clang-doc/tool/ClangDocMain.cpp
--- clang-tools-extra/clang-doc/tool/ClangDocMain.cpp
+++ clang-tools-extra/clang-doc/tool/ClangDocMain.cpp
@@ -228,10 +228,10 @@
   llvm::outs() << "Mapping decls...\n";
   auto Err =
       Exec->get()->execute(doc::newMapperActionFactory(CDCtx), ArgAdjuster);
-  if (Err) {
-    llvm::errs() << toString(std::move(Err)) << "\n";
-    return 1;
-  }
+  if (Err)
+    llvm::errs() << "Error mapping decls in files. Clang-doc will ignore these "
+                    "files and continue:\n"
+                 << toString(std::move(Err)) << "\n";
   // Collect values into output by key.
   // In ToolResults, the Key is the hashed USR and the value is the

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