[PATCH] D64671: [clang-tidy] New check: misc-init-local-variables

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Mon Jul 15 09:50:41 PDT 2019

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Comment at: clang-tools-extra/clang-tidy/misc/InitLocalVariablesCheck.cpp:21
+  Finder->addMatcher(
+      varDecl(unless(hasInitializer(anything()))).bind("vardecl"), this);
alexfh wrote:
> I believe, this should skip matches within template instantiations. Consider this code:
> ```
> template<typename T>
> void f(T) { T t; }
> void g() {
>     f(0);
>     f(0.0);
> }
> ```
> What will the fix  be?
I tested with the following function:

template<typename T>
void template_test_function() {
  T t;
  int uninitialized;

Currently it warns on the "uninitialized" variable regardless of whether the template is instantiated or not. If you call it with an int type, it will warn about variable t being uninitialized. If you call it with a, say, struct type, there is no warnings. Is this a reasonable approach?

Comment at: clang-tools-extra/clang-tidy/misc/InitLocalVariablesCheck.cpp:32
+  StringRef VarName = MatchedDecl->getName();
+  if (VarName.empty() || VarName.front() == '_') {
+    // Some standard library methods such as "be64toh" are implemented
alexfh wrote:
> Should this just disallow all fixes within macros? Maybe warnings as well.
I can change that, seems reasonable. Should it still retain this check, though? One would imagine there are other ways of getting variables whose names begin with an underscore.

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