[PATCH] D61239: [libclang] Allow field offset lookups in types with incomplete arrays.

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Sun Apr 28 06:19:44 PDT 2019

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Currently, looking up the offset of a field in a type with an incomplete array, using `clang_Type_getOffsetOf` always returns `CXTypeLayoutError_Incomplete`. e.g. for the following:

  struct Foo {
      int size;
      void* data[]; // incomplete array

This returns `CXTypeLayoutError_Incomplete` when looking up the offset of either the 'size' or the 'data' field.

But, since an incomplete array always appears at the end of a record, looking up the field offsets should be fine. Note that this also works fine using the offsetof macro.

The fix for this is to ignore incomplete array fields when doing the recursive type validation.



Index: tools/libclang/CXType.cpp
--- tools/libclang/CXType.cpp
+++ tools/libclang/CXType.cpp
@@ -953,7 +953,7 @@
 static long long visitRecordForValidation(const RecordDecl *RD) {
   for (const auto *I : RD->fields()){
     QualType FQT = I->getType();
-    if (FQT->isIncompleteType())
+    if (FQT->isIncompleteType() && !FQT->isIncompleteArrayType()) // IAT is okay here
       return CXTypeLayoutError_Incomplete;
     if (FQT->isDependentType())
       return CXTypeLayoutError_Dependent;
Index: test/Index/print-type-size.c
--- /dev/null
+++ test/Index/print-type-size.c
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+struct Foo {
+    int size;
+    void* data[]; // incomplete array
+struct Bar {
+    int size;
+    struct {
+        int dummy;
+        void* data[]; // incomplete array
+    };
+struct Baz {
+    int size;
+    union {
+        void* data1[]; // incomplete array
+        void* data2[]; // incomplete array
+    };
+// RUN: c-index-test -test-print-type-size %s | FileCheck %s
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=size:2:9 (Definition) [type=int] [typekind=Int] [sizeof=4] [alignof=4] [offsetof=0]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=data:3:11 (Definition) [type=void *[]] [typekind=IncompleteArray] [sizeof=-2] [alignof=-2] [offsetof=64]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=size:7:9 (Definition) [type=int] [typekind=Int] [sizeof=4] [alignof=4] [offsetof=0]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=dummy:9:13 (Definition) [type=int] [typekind=Int] [sizeof=4] [alignof=4] [offsetof=64/0]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=data:10:15 (Definition) [type=void *[]] [typekind=IncompleteArray] [sizeof=-2] [alignof=-2] [offsetof=128/64]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=size:15:9 (Definition) [type=int] [typekind=Int] [sizeof=4] [alignof=4] [offsetof=0]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=data1:17:15 (Definition) [type=void *[]] [typekind=IncompleteArray] [sizeof=-2] [alignof=-2] [offsetof=64/0]
+// CHECK: FieldDecl=data2:18:15 (Definition) [type=void *[]] [typekind=IncompleteArray] [sizeof=-2] [alignof=-2] [offsetof=64/0]
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