[PATCH] D61103: [clang] Add tryToAttachCommentsToDecls method to ASTContext

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Thu Apr 25 15:46:44 PDT 2019

jkorous marked 5 inline comments as done.
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Comment at: clang/lib/AST/ASTContext.cpp:494
+  // Explicitly not calling ExternalSource->ReadComments() as we're not
+  // interested in those.
+  ArrayRef<RawComment *> RawComments = Comments.getComments();
gribozavr wrote:
> Would be great to explain why (because we assume that the decls and their comments were parsed just now).  Otherwise the comment could enumerate a lot of other things that we are not calling here either...
Haha, you're absolutely right! Thanks.

Comment at: clang/lib/AST/ASTContext.cpp:584
+    // terminating early.
+    for (auto CIt = RawComments.begin(); CIt != RawComments.end(); ++CIt) {
+      RawComment *C = *CIt;
gribozavr wrote:
> Scanning all comments for every decl?  Isn't that O(n^2)?
> Also logic duplication below.  I was expecting a call to `getRawCommentForDeclNoCache`, with an appropriate flag to disable loading external comments (it is a low-level API, users generally don't call it).
The important thing is that the expensive operation is source location decomposition. That's why I cache everything - `GetCachedCommentBegin` etc.

So while you're right that iteration-wise it's O(iteration*c*d) it`s actually O(decompose*c + decompose*d) because of the caching. The current code (which is sorting all the comments) is at least O(decompose*c*ln(c)) once you have more comments than `sqrt(300)` (==`MagicCacheSize` in `SourceManager::getInBeforeInTUCache()`).

That being said - you're right that just not-loading external comments in `getRawCommentForDeclNoCache` definitely has it's appeal. I'm running a test now get some idea about performance of both approaches.

BTW in theory we could also do one of these:
1. Allow clients to transparently set `MagicCacheSize` in `SourceManager::getInBeforeInTUCache()` which is used for SourceLocation sorting (`BeforeThanCompare<RawComment>`) is currently hard-coded to 300 while we are comparing ~100k x ~100k locations.
2. Change caching strategies in `SourceManager::getFileID` and `SourceManager::getLineNumber`.

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