[PATCH] D60907: [OpenMP][WIP] Add math functions support in OpenMP offloading

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Wed Apr 24 06:58:20 PDT 2019

gtbercea added a comment.

In D60907#1473406 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D60907#1473406>, @Hahnfeld wrote:

> So the scheme is: `pow` is defined in `__clang_openmp_math.h` to call `__kmpc_pow`. This lives in `libomptarget-nvptx` (both bc and static lib) and just calls `pow` which works because `nvcc` and Clang in CUDA mode make sure that the call gets routed into `libdevice`?
> Did you test that something like `pow(d, 2)` is optimized by LLVM to `d * d`? There's a pass doing so (can't recall the name) and from my previous attempts it didn't work well if you hid the function name instead of the known `pow` one.

The transformation was blocked because of a check in optimizePow() this was preventing pow(x,2) from becoming x*x. By adding the pow functions to the TLI the transformation now applies. This has now been fixed. SQRT is eliminated as per usual, no change for that.

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