[PATCH] D36836: [clang-tidy] Implement sonarsource-function-cognitive-complexity check

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In D36836#1021863 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D36836#1021863>, @chandlerc wrote:

> In D36836#931995 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D36836#931995>, @lebedev.ri wrote:
> > - Rebased
> > - As advised by @aaron.ballman, moved into it's own directory/module. Please review that, i'm not entirely sure i have done that fully correctly.
> >
> >   @chandlerc Hi! @aaron.ballman has suggested for me to try to talk to you about this. Is there some precedent for the licensing 'issue' at hand? Do you have any opinion? @dberlin did not react to the pings, so i'm not sure i personally can come up with anything better for `LICENSE.txt`
> Sadly, what you need here is legal advice for a good way to handle this, and I'm not a lawyer and so I can't really give you that advice.
> To be clear, what you currently have isn't OK for several reasons, not least of which what Aaron brought up that this is not in fact a license.
> > If there are no further ideas, i'll try to contact sonarsource.
> Unless Danny can volunteer his time, we finish with relicensing efforts

Hi @chandlerc !
I was just wondering what percentage of "finish" was meant here, and where at it's now?

> and can devote the foundation's lawyer's (sadly precious) time to this, I think either you or sonarsource working to understand the best legal way to contribute this would be the best way forward. Sorry that this is a tricky situation. Happy to have a private discussion w/ your or sonarsources's lawyer via my @ llvm.org email address if useful.

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