[PATCH] D59233: libclang/CIndexer.cpp: Use loadquery() on AIX for path to library

Hubert Tong via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 11 16:16:03 PDT 2019

hubert.reinterpretcast added a comment.

I believe that the conditions being checked for with `llvm_unreachable` in this patch are of the debug-only variety; however, some input would be appreciated regarding the choice of using `llvm_unreachable` instead of `report_fatal_error` or `assert`.

Comment at: tools/libclang/CIndexer.cpp:61
+    if (errno != ENOMEM)
+      llvm_unreachable("Encountered an unexpected loadquery() failure");
Based on available documentation, this situation should not occur (and thus I believe `llvm_unreachable` is appropriate).

Comment at: tools/libclang/CIndexer.cpp:65
+    if ((BufSize & ~((-1u) >> 1u)) != 0u)
+      llvm_unreachable("BufSize needed for loadquery() too large");
This situation is not impossible, but highly improbable. This is a non-programmatic error, and the Programmer's Manual appears to recommend the use of `report_fatal_error`. Some additional guidance would be appreciated.

Comment at: tools/libclang/CIndexer.cpp:84
+    if (CurInfo->ldinfo_next == 0u)
+      llvm_unreachable("Cannot locate entry point in the loadquery() results");
+    CurInfo = reinterpret_cast<ld_xinfo *>(reinterpret_cast<char *>(CurInfo) +
This is also supposed to not happen.

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