[PATCH] D55552: [Sema] Better static assert diagnostics for expressions involving temporaries.

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Wed Dec 19 09:25:15 PST 2018

Quuxplusone added a comment.

LGTM. Tiny style suggestions, which I won't mind if you ignore.

Comment at: include/clang/AST/Type.h:995
   void getAsStringInternal(std::string &Str,
-                           const PrintingPolicy &Policy) const {
-    return getAsStringInternal(split(), Str, Policy);
-  }
+                           const PrintingPolicy &Policy) const;
Nit: could this function have been left in-line, and just changed `split()` to `splitAccordingToPolicy(this, Policy)`?
Even simpler, could `splitAccordingToPolicy` be made a member function of `QualType`, so that most of these diffs could be simply `s/split()/splitAccordingToPolicy(Policy)/` without introducing any new temporary variables or anything?  I.e.
    void getAsStringInternal(std::string &Str,
                              const PrintingPolicy &Policy) const {
        return getAsStringInternal(splitAccordingToPolicy(Policy), Str, Policy);
But if that would make the code harder to read instead of easier, then don't mind me.

Comment at: include/clang/AST/Type.h:998
   static void getAsStringInternal(SplitQualType split, std::string &out,
-                                  const PrintingPolicy &policy) {
-    return getAsStringInternal(split.Ty, split.Quals, out, policy);
-  }
+                                  const PrintingPolicy &policy);
Nit: this function's body hasn't changed, so personally I would have left it alone (not out-of-lined it).

  rC Clang



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