[PATCH] D55804: [analyzer] C++17: Fix leak false positives when an object with destructor is returned from the top frame.

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Mon Dec 17 18:49:20 PST 2018

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The `return_from_top_frame` test demonstrates what happens. The object bound to the sub-expression of the return statement is a lazy compound value in this case. Liveness of that expression ends slightly before the end of the analysis, leaving time for `MallocChecker` to diagnose a leak.

This is fixed by admitting that we do not know how to properly model the memory region in which the return value is constructed. Neither `CXXTempObjectRegion` nor `SymbolicRegion` seems suitable, because the region needs to be in an unknown memory space and must also be live after the last reference disappears. The fix is only applied to C++17 when the object has a destructor (which produces a `CXX17ElidedCopyReturnedValueConstructionContext`) because other cases seem to work due to liveness analysis behaving correctly.

We could (and probably should) teach liveness analysis that with C++17 AST with `CXXBindTemporaryExpr` it is still a good idea to keep the top-frame returned expression alive forever. But we still don't have the correct region to represent construction target. Either we should modify liveness analysis and use `SymbolicRegion`, or we need to come up with a new kind of region (either for the return-to object itself, or for an implicit parameter through which its address is passed into the callee, so that the return-to object would be a `SymbolicRegion` of its `SymbolRegionValue`, similarly to how `CXXThisRegion` works).

Before i forget: re-enable tests for temporaries on C++17. Notice that some still fail. The current patch doesn't regress any of the old tests in this file that are now FIXME'd out.

  rC Clang



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