[PATCH] D54401: [analyzer] Prefer returns values to out-params in CheckerRegistry.cpp

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Sun Nov 11 14:17:30 PST 2018

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This bugged me for a long time, so it's time to put an end to it: `collectCheckers` was cryptic and hard to understand. This is done by

- Renaming `collectCheckers` to `getEnabledCheckers`
- Changing the functionality to acquire //all// enabled checkers, rather then collect checkers for a specific `CheckerOptInfo` (for example, collecting all checkers for `{ "core", true }`, which meant enabling all checkers from the core package, which was an unnecessary complication).
- Removing `CheckerOptInfo`, instead of storing whether the option was claimed via a field, we handle errors immediately, as `getEnabledCheckers` can now access a `DiagnosticsEngine`. Realize that the remaining information it stored is directly accessible through `AnalyzerOptions.CheckerControlList`.
- Removing the suggestion to disable all checkers when a checker option is left unclaimed. I personally found this super annoying, and I'd be very surprised if this was a welcome suggestion to anyone.
- Fix a test with `-analyzer-disable-checker -verify` accidentally left in.

  rC Clang



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