[PATCH] D54295: [WIP, RISCV] Add inline asm constraint A for RISC-V

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Fri Nov 9 01:21:48 PST 2018

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This allows the constraint A to be used in inline asm for RISC-V, which allows an address held in a register to be used.

This patch adds the minimal amount of code required to get operands with the right constraints to compile. Semantically it would be nice to be able to use `setAllowsRegister` rather than `setAllowsMemory` and fall through to the backend to verify and lower the register as a memory operand.

  rC Clang



Index: test/CodeGen/riscv-inline-asm.c
--- test/CodeGen/riscv-inline-asm.c
+++ test/CodeGen/riscv-inline-asm.c
@@ -26,3 +26,9 @@
 // CHECK: call void asm sideeffect "", "K"(i32 0)
   asm volatile ("" :: "K"(0));
+void test_A(int *p) {
+// CHECK-LABEL: define void @test_A(i32* %p)
+// CHECK: call void asm volatile "", "*A"(i32* %p)
+  asm volatile("" :: "A"(*p));
Index: lib/Basic/Targets/RISCV.cpp
--- lib/Basic/Targets/RISCV.cpp
+++ lib/Basic/Targets/RISCV.cpp
@@ -57,6 +57,10 @@
     // A 5-bit unsigned immediate for CSR access instructions.
     Info.setRequiresImmediate(0, 31);
     return true;
+  case 'A':
+    // An address that is held in a general-purpose register.
+    Info.setAllowsMemory();
+    return true;

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