[PATCH] D54204: [clangd] Initial clang-tidy diagnostics support.

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Wed Nov 7 06:02:11 PST 2018

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This runs checks over a restricted subset of the TU:

- preprocessor callbacks just receive the truncated PP events that occur when a preamble is used.
- ASTMatchers run only over the top-level decls in the main-file

This patch just turns on one simple check (bugprone-sizeof-expression)
with no configuration.

- configuration is complex enough to warrant a separate patch
- arbitrary checks don't work well yet - there are various ways that checks can access the whole AST (and thus be incredibly slow). Most notably: the hasAncestor matcher, and using the ASTContext from check().

This depends on a small patch to ASTMatchers to run a MatchFinder on a
certain set of top-level declarations.

  rCTE Clang Tools Extra



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