[PATCH] D54141: [clang-tidy] add deduplication support for run-clang-tidy.py

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Tue Nov 6 13:05:17 PST 2018

JonasToth added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D54141#1288930, @JonasToth wrote:

> > Do you understand the proposal now?
> Yes better, I was under the impression that `clang-apply-replaments` is run on the end and the YAMLs are kept until then. Now its clear.
>  I assume `--issue-diags` produce the same result as the normal diagnostic engine. That could work, yes.
> clang-tidy does not have a `quiet` mode though. It has the `-quiet` option which just does not emit how many warnings were created and suppressed.
>  Do you have these things already in the pipeline?

Please let me clarify a bit: `-export-fixes` _DOES_ emit all warnings to yaml, but clang-tidy still prints the diagnostics out, even in `-quiet` mode. So a useful deduplication would require changes to the clang-tidy itself if going the YAML route.

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