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Thu May 24 17:07:18 PDT 2018

Dear All LLVM list members,

Hello to all of you. As I am a brand new subscriber, it is easy to get lost
in the plethora of open source projects I may get started in!

For now, I am mostly interested in optimizing Clang's performance.

I just have three questions:

1. What have been the toughest, most recurring problems of the Clang
Project for the past year of 2018?

2. What book resources on ANSI C and LLVM Assembly Language would you
recommend for a novice open source contributor to the Clang and LLVM

3. And most importantly, what personal advice did you wish you were aware
of before attempting to complete LLVM Open Source Projects like Clang?

For now, my skills are as far as the following:

1. More than one year's experience in Java

2. Beginner in C: Currently reading through the third chapter of K&R, 2nd

3. Knowledge of introductory C++: Taking an introductory course at
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