[PATCH] D47303: [analyzer] NFC: Merge object construction related state traits into one.

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As noticed in http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-dev/2018-May/058055.html we need a path-sensitive program state trait that for, essentially, every constructed object maintains the region of that object until the statement that consumes the object is encountered.

We already have such trait for new-expressions and bind/materialize temporary expressions, which are three separate traits. Because we plan to add more, it doesn't make sense to maintain that many traits that do the same thing in different circumstances, so i guess it's better to merge them into a single multi-purpose trait. "Multi-purpose" is definitely not the top buzzword in programming, but here i believe it's worth it because the underlying reasoning for needing these traits and needing them to work in a particular manner is the same. We need them because our constructor expressions are turned inside out, and we need a better connection between "inside" and "out" in both directions. One of these directions is handled by the ConstructionContext; the other is path-sensitive.

No functional change intended here; this is a refactoring.

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