[PATCH] D41537: Optionally add code completion results for arrow instead of dot

Ivan Donchevskii via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue May 22 03:07:22 PDT 2018

yvvan added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaCodeComplete.cpp:4109
+  if (CodeCompleter->includeFixIts()) {
+    const SourceRange OpRange(OpLoc, OpLoc.getLocWithOffset(IsArrow ? 2 : 1));
+    CompletionSucceded =
ilya-biryukov wrote:
> yvvan wrote:
> > ilya-biryukov wrote:
> > > I'd use token ranges here to avoid assumptions about sizes of tokens, e.g. `CreateReplacemen(CharSourceRange::getTokenRange(OpLoc, OpLoc), IsArrow ? '.' : '->')`
> > > There are complicated cases like `\` that end of the line and macros and it's definitely better to use an abstraction that hides those cases.
> > the problem is that I need the range, not just a location.... and I don't know how to extract it here. is there a way to get next token location here?
> IIUC, using `CharSourceRange::getTokenRange(OpLoc, OpLoc)` will do what you want.
> When `CharSourceRange` is a token range, the client code should measurements the token length and the producing code would use the starting location of the last token.
> Here are the relevant bits from the comment of the `CharSourceRange`:
> ```
> /// In the token range case, the
> /// size of the last token must be measured to determine the actual end of the
> /// range.
>  ```
ok, i will recheck that it does calculate the token range


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