[PATCH] D44131: [analyzer] Support temporaries conjured by conservatively evaluated functions.

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If a conservatively evaluated function returns a C++ object by value, it no longer returns a conjured symbol. Instead it creates a proper temporary region, wipes it with a conjured symbol, returns the compound value, and then lifetime-extends/destroys the newly created object properly, while making sure its this-region is known from the beginning to the end of the object's lifetime and doesn't change in the process.

This review obsoletes https://reviews.llvm.org/D27202 and is better because the temporary is not only created but also correctly managed.

It allows us, in particular, to inline the destructor of such conjured temporary objects. I do not know whether it is a good idea or we should disable inlining specifically via a separate flag. But even without inlining, this change would hopefully help various C++ checkers track the object by keeping both its lvalue and its rvalue stable in all circumstances (as long as the construction context is available). For now i did not have a look at how current checkers are affected, but @baloghadamsoftware and @szepet might be interested.

C objects are untouched (i.e. still represented by conjured symbols) because they don't require lifetime management or even having a "this".

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