[PATCH] D41623: [cmake] [libcxxabi] Fix path problems when cross compiling.

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Fri Jan 19 12:12:01 PST 2018

hintonda added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D41623#982262, @hintonda wrote:

> In https://reviews.llvm.org/D41623#982189, @phosek wrote:
> > Isn't `NO_DEFAULT_PATH` more appropriate here? That's what libc++ uses as well.
> Unfortunately no.
> When cross compiling, it's important to look for headers in CMAKE_SYSROOT and/or CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH, or you'll end up finding for headers on the host, not the target.  To make sure this works as expected, cmake recommends using `set(CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_INCLUDE ONLY)` -- see https://cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_Cross_Compiling for details.
> With `CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_INCLUDE=ONLY` and `CMAKE_SYSROOT` set, all `find_XXX()` commands will add the `CMAKE_SYSROOT` prefix to all the paths used in the search.  So, if you are trying to look in a local source directory, you'll never find it, because `find_XXX()` will actually use `${CMAKE_SYSROOT}/<my local path>`, which is always the wrong place.
> These `find_path()` invocations are looking in specific places which exist on the host system, not the target system.

Btw, I'm not saying don't use `NO_DEFAULT_PATH` where appropriate, just that `NO_CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH` is also required in this case.

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