[PATCH] D42192: [analyzer] Assume that the allocated value is non-null before construction, not after.

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Wed Jan 17 11:21:36 PST 2018

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In the `c++-allocator-inlining=true` mode, we need to make the assumption that the conservatively evaluated operator new() has returned a non-null value. Previously we did this on `CXXNewExpr`, but now we have to do that before calling the constructor, because some clever constructors are sometimes assuming that their `this` is null and doing weird stuff. We would also crash upon evaluating `CXXNewExpr` when the allocator was inlined and returned null and had a throw specification; this is UB even for custom allocators, but we still need not to crash.

Added more FIXME tests to ensure that eventually we fix calling the constructor for null return values.

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