[PATCH] D41990: [Frontend] Allow to use PrecompiledPreamble without calling CanReuse

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Mon Jan 15 01:59:35 PST 2018

ilya-biryukov marked an inline comment as done.
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Comment at: include/clang/Frontend/PrecompiledPreamble.h:107
   /// is accessible.
-  /// For in-memory preambles, PrecompiledPreamble instance continues to own
-  /// the MemoryBuffer with the Preamble after this method returns. The caller
-  /// is reponsible for making sure the PrecompiledPreamble instance outlives
-  /// the compiler run and the AST that will be using the PCH.
+  /// Callers of this function must ensure that that CanReuse() returns true for
+  /// the specified file before calling this function.
sammccall wrote:
> Simpler just as "/// Requires that CanReuse() is true."
Much more concise this way, thanks.

Comment at: include/clang/Frontend/PrecompiledPreamble.h:119
+  /// the PCH stored by this instance. This function is similar to
+  /// AddImplicitPreamble, but does require checking that CanReuse() returns
+  /// true prior to calling this function. Using this function allows to avoid
sammccall wrote:
> i think you mean "does not".
> I find some of the wording here confusing - "does not require checking" seems like too weak a claim. It's also a bit long, and hard to quickly see at a glance which function you might want to call.
> I'd suggest:
>   /// Configure \CI to use this preamble for \p MainFileBuffer.
>   /// Like AddImplicitPreamble, but doesn't assume or check CanReuse()!
>   /// If this preamble doesn't match the file, it may parse differently.
Thanks, your wording looks much better.

  rC Clang


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