[PATCH] D37014: [clang-tidy] Add a checker to remove useless intermediate variables before return statements with comparisons

Andi via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 3 07:50:30 PST 2018

Abpostelnicu added inline comments.

Comment at: clang-tidy/readability/UnnecessaryIntermediateVarCheck.cpp:376
+    // expression wouldn't really benefit readability. Therefore we abort.
+    if (NewReturnLength > MaximumLineLength) {
+      return;
lebedev.ri wrote:
> Is there really no way to format the fixes, and *then* check the line length?
> ```
> $ clang-tidy --help
> ...
>   -format-style=<string>       - 
>                                  Style for formatting code around applied fixes:
>                                    - 'none' (default) turns off formatting
>                                    - 'file' (literally 'file', not a placeholder)
>                                      uses .clang-format file in the closest parent
>                                      directory
>                                    - '{ <json> }' specifies options inline, e.g.
>                                      -format-style='{BasedOnStyle: llvm, IndentWidth: 8}'
>                                    - 'llvm', 'google', 'webkit', 'mozilla'
>                                  See clang-format documentation for the up-to-date
>                                  information about formatting styles and options.
>                                  This option overrides the 'FormatStyle` option in
>                                  .clang-tidy file, if any.
> ...
> ```
> so `clang-tidy` is at least aware of `clang-format`.
I think this is doable since I see this in the code:


That leads me to think that we can have this before applying the fixes and in case the fix after re-format has a line that violates our rule it gets dropped. I'm gonna update the patch with this new addon.


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