[PATCH] D39239: [AST] Incorrectly qualified unscoped enumeration as template actual parameter.

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Wed Dec 20 04:15:53 PST 2017

CarlosAlbertoEnciso added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D39239#912837, @probinson wrote:

> Have you tried the GDB suite yet?  If it has no problems, and we can make LLDB happy, I'm okay with it.

Hi Paul,

Following the instructions from David Blaikie on how to build/run the GDB suite:

"Directions for how to run it would be divined from the buildbot configuration.


1. I have managed to build the GDB suite using clang as the default compiler.
2. Run the test before and after my changes and the results are the same.

  		=== gdb Summary ===
  # of expected passes		20501
  # of unexpected failures	1481
  # of expected failures		262
  # of unknown successes		2
  # of known failures		78
  # of unresolved testcases	9
  # of untested testcases		48
  # of unsupported tests		36

The unexpected failures falls into the categories:

- Invalid option '-w' to the ADA compiler
- Timeout issues
- Threading and attaching issues

Possible incorrect settings for the GDB suite.


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