[PATCH] D41266: [analyzer] With c++-allocator-inlining, fix memory space for operator new pointers.

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Thu Dec 14 17:17:04 PST 2017

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Default global `operator new()`, like `malloc()`, should return heap pointers, which in the analyzer are represented by `SymbolicRegion`s with `HeapSpaceRegion` as their parent.

In the `-analyzer-config c++-allocator-inlining` mode, this was broken, and regular `SymbolicRegion`s were returned instead,  which have `UnknownSpaceRegion` as their parent.

This patch fixes this straightforwardly on `ExprEngine` side. We may want to delegate this job to the checkers though `evalCall`, but for now this mode doesn't support `evalCall` for `operator new()`, and i'm not sure if it'd be used much.

With this patch going on top of previous patches, enabling `c++-allocator-inlining` by default causes no regressions on tests (causes some improvements though). It doesn't mean it works (we still have callbacks broken, path diagnostic pieces unsupported, and i've just noticed one more void element region crash), just a psychological checkpoint.

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