[PATCH] D39812: [Driver, CodeGen] pass through and apply -fassociative-math

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Wed Nov 8 11:17:21 PST 2017

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There are 2 parts to getting the -fassociative-math command-line flag translated to LLVM FMF:

1. In the driver/frontend, we accept the flag and its 'no' inverse and deal with the interactions with other flags like -ffast-math. This was mostly already done - we just needed to pass the flag on as a codegen option. The test file is complicated because there are many potential combinations of flags here.

2. In codegen, we map the option to FMF in the IR builder. This is simple code and corresponding test.

For the motivating example from PR27372:

  float foo(float a, float x) { return ((a + x) - x); }
  $ ./clang -O2 27372.c -S -o - -ffast-math  -fno-associative-math -emit-llvm  | egrep 'fadd|fsub'
    %add = fadd nnan ninf nsz arcp contract float %0, %1
    %sub = fsub nnan ninf nsz arcp contract float %add, %2

So 'reassoc' is off as expected (and so is the new 'afn' but that's a different patch). This case now works as expected end-to-end although the underlying logic is still wrong:

  $ ./clang  -O2 27372.c -S -o - -ffast-math  -fno-associative-math | grep xmm
  	addss	%xmm1, %xmm0
  	subss	%xmm1, %xmm0

We're not done because the case where 'reassoc' is set is ignored by optimizer passes. Example:

  $ ./clang  -O2 27372.c -S -o - -fassociative-math -emit-llvm  | grep fadd
    %add = fadd reassoc float %0, %1
  $ ./clang -O2  27372.c -S -o - -fassociative-math | grep xmm
  	addss	%xmm1, %xmm0
  	subss	%xmm1, %xmm0



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