[PATCH] D38101: [Sema] Diagnose tautological comparison with type's min/max values

Roman Lebedev via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Oct 13 11:32:56 PDT 2017

lebedev.ri added inline comments.

Comment at: cfe/trunk/test/Sema/tautological-constant-compare.c:23
+  if (c > macro(255))
+      return;
I'm having second thoughts about macro handling.
Right now we completely ignore the comparisons when the constant is anyhow involved with macros.
unsigned char c;
if (c > 255) // expected-warning {{comparison 'unsigned char' > 255 is always false}}
  return;  // would be diagnosed correctly
// but
assert (c <= 255); // would be completely ignored.
Perhaps we should be a bit more strict, and should not bailout in such cases?

But i *guess* this case we still should ignore
#define macro(val) (val > 255)
if (macro(c))

(Even though gcc warns in the last variant too)



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