[PATCH] D38444: [compiler-rt] [cmake] Create dummy gtest target for stand-alone builds

George Karpenkov via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Oct 11 16:19:05 PDT 2017

george.karpenkov added a comment.

@mgorny I've replied via email, but the message didn't seem to appear here.

>From my (maybe limited) understanding, running tests on standalone compiler-rt builds was never something which was supported, as that required a fresh compiler.
I've just tried running them, and for me even `check-*` targets don't exist.

How do you create the standalone build? I've checked out `compiler-rt` separately, and ran

  cmake -GNinja -DLLVM_CONFIG=/Users/george/code/llvm/release-build/bin/llvm-config  ../.

but the resulting build directory does not have any `check-*` targets.

In the refactoring I did try to make the dependence conditional: all compilation goes through `sanitizer_test_compile`,
but looking into the `sanitizer_test_compile` macro there is an obvious bug.
Would it be better to fix that instead?



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