[libcxx] r314257 - [libcxx] [test] Silence warning C4324 for MSVC.

Stephan T. Lavavej via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Sep 26 16:08:39 PDT 2017

Author: stl_msft
Date: Tue Sep 26 16:08:39 2017
New Revision: 314257

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=314257&view=rev
[libcxx] [test] Silence warning C4324 for MSVC.

This warning "structure was padded due to alignment specifier" says
that the compiler is going to do exactly what you asked it to do.
It's triggered by the tests for over-aligned dynamic memory allocation.


Modified: libcxx/trunk/test/support/msvc_stdlib_force_include.hpp
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/libcxx/trunk/test/support/msvc_stdlib_force_include.hpp?rev=314257&r1=314256&r2=314257&view=diff
--- libcxx/trunk/test/support/msvc_stdlib_force_include.hpp (original)
+++ libcxx/trunk/test/support/msvc_stdlib_force_include.hpp Tue Sep 26 16:08:39 2017
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ const AssertionDialogAvoider assertion_d
     // Silence compiler warnings.
     #pragma warning(disable: 4180) // qualifier applied to function type has no meaning; ignored
+    #pragma warning(disable: 4324) // structure was padded due to alignment specifier
     #pragma warning(disable: 4521) // multiple copy constructors specified
     #pragma warning(disable: 4702) // unreachable code
     #pragma warning(disable: 28251) // Inconsistent annotation for 'new': this instance has no annotations.

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