[PATCH] D38247: [libunwind] Correct data types in the _Unwind_FunctionContext struct

Martin Storsjö via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Sep 25 12:47:59 PDT 2017

mstorsjo created this revision.

This makes it match the definition used within llvm and in libgcc, we previously got the wrong layout on 64 bit.



Index: src/Unwind-sjlj.c
--- src/Unwind-sjlj.c
+++ src/Unwind-sjlj.c
@@ -39,10 +39,10 @@
   struct _Unwind_FunctionContext *prev;
   // set by calling function before registering to be the landing pad
-  uintptr_t                       resumeLocation;
+  uint32_t                        resumeLocation;
   // set by personality handler to be parameters passed to landing pad function
-  uintptr_t                       resumeParameters[4];
+  uint32_t                        resumeParameters[4];
   // set by calling function before registering
   __personality_routine           personality; // arm offset=24

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