[PATCH] D36501: add flag to undo ABI change in r310401

Robinson, Paul via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 24 13:45:33 PDT 2017

Paul: is the PS4 toolchain's ABI based on that of a particular Clang release, or is it a branch from trunk at some point? Or something else? (And which release / revision?)

I am reminded that there are two parts to the ABI, the C++ part and the platform part.
PS4's C++ ABI is whatever Clang 3.2 did; the platform part is AMD64 (as of LLVM 3.2) with (IIRC) a couple minor differences.

Whenever there is an ABI change (that we notice), we go through an exercise to determine whether it's benign or we have to undo it.  Games built with a 3.2-based toolchain must be runnable on OS/middleware built with all subsequent versions.  It is never the case that a game built with version N must be runnable on an OS built with version N-1, if that helps.
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