[PATCH] D36562: [Bitfield] Make the bitfield a separate location if it has width of legal integer type and its bit offset is naturally aligned for the type

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Try another idea suggested by David.

All the bitfields in a single run are still wrapped inside of a large integer according to CGBitFieldInfo. For the bitfields with legal integer types and aligned, change their access manner when we generate load/store in llvm IR for bitfield (In EmitLoadOfBitfieldLValue and EmitStoreThroughBitfieldLValue). All the other bitfields will still be accessed using widen load/store plus masking operations. Here is an example:

class A {

  unsigned long f1:2;
  unsigned long f2:6;
  unsigned long f3:8;
  unsigned long f4:4;

A a;

f1, f2, f3 and f4 will still be wrapped as a large integer. f1, f2, f4 will have the same access code as before. f3 will be accessed as if it is a separate unsigned char variable.

In this way, we can reduce the chance of blocking bitfield access combining. a.f1 access and a.f4 access can be combined if only no a.f3 access stands in between a.f1 and a.f4.  We will generate two less instructions for foo, and one more instruction for goo. So it is better, but not perfect.

void foo (unsigned long n1, unsigned long n2, unsigned long n3) {

  a.f1 = n1;
  a.f4 = n4;
  a.f3 = n3;


void goo (unsigned long n1, unsigned long n2, unsigned long n3) {

  a.f1 = n1;
  a.f3 = n3;    // a.f3 will still block the combining of a.f1 and a.f2 because a.f3 is accessed independently.
  a.f4 = n4;





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