[PATCH] D34275: [analyzer] Re-implemente current virtual calls checker in a path-sensitive way

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Mon Aug 21 22:06:08 PDT 2017

wangxindsb added a comment.


In https://reviews.llvm.org/D34275#847434, @NoQ wrote:

> Most importantly, do you think we can enable the checker by default now? Was this checker evaluated on any large codebase, and if so, how many true/false positives did it find, probably compared to the old checker?

I am now runing the checker to check the build of firefox, llvm and libreoffice. There are no alarms on the building of firefox and llvm. When use scan-build to check the building of libreoffice, the scan-build failed (this may because the scan-build. Enable or not enable the virtualcallchecker, the build failed all the same, but when I just build the libreoffice and not run the scan-build, the build worked well) and there are 105 alarms about the virtual function in ctors/dtors, I am evaluating these alarms now.


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