D34158: to support gcc 4.8 (and newer) compatibility on Linux, preinclude <stdc-predef.h>

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Subject: RE: D34158: to support gcc 4.8 (and newer) compatibility on Linux, 
preinclude <stdc-predef.h>


Comment at: test/Driver/gcc-predef.c:9
+  #else
+    #if !defined(  _STDC_PREDEF_H )
+      #error "stdc-predef.h should be preincluded for GNU/Linux 4.8 and 
The driver will only include `stdc-predef.h` if it can be found in the system. 
With that, the current version of this test will only run on such Linux 
system. Maybe add a basic tree in `test/Driver/Inputs` and test that the 
corresponding header is included?
>>>OK I understand what you mean now.

To be clear here: I was thinking about running this test case on let's say 
Darwin/Mac OS X != GNU/Linux. But you probably figured that out of my 
imprecise comment already. Sorry about that.

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