[PATCH] D33082: Fix Libc++ build with MinGW64

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Thu May 25 10:16:01 PDT 2017

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In https://reviews.llvm.org/D33082#760516, @martell wrote:

> I want to give some context here to dispel the confusion of what is and isn't win32 api specific.
> First lets take `vasprintf` and `asprintf ` which are not implemented in msvcrt.
>  In mingw-w64 we would just have posix implementations of both.
>  They are hidden behind the guard `_GNU_SOURCE`, we don't need to declare them in `include/stdio.h` in libcxx but
>  By default gcc doesn't pass this flag for the mingw target so we should add it in cmake within libc++.

Defining `_GNU_SOURCE` during the library build isn't enough, it's also has to be defined when people are using the headers,
and in that case we must depend on the compiler to pre-define it. Is it important that MinGW not define `_GNU_SOURCE` by default?

Also do you know why `asprintf` is declared by mingw-w64 but `vasprintf` isn't? At minimum I think we still need to declare `vasprintf` in the
headers because we can't count on `_GNU_SOURCE` being defined before `<features.h>` is first included, but we should be able to omit
the definition.

> Next example `mbsnrtowcs` and `wcsnrtombs` above
>  There is technically a win32api specific implementation in msvc. The mingw-w64 implementation or lack there of would rely on the MSVC implementation.
>  This is why a custom implementation lives in libc++ in `support.cpp` that is posix compliant.

Good to know.

> Unfortunately a posix implementation might not be accepted upstream into mingw-w64 because they need to maintain compatibility with msvc, even with some bugs eek.

I'm not personally concerned about upstreaming MinGW-w64 changes/fixes. If we can adequately solve it within libc++ without any terrible hacks I'm happy with that for now.

> It generally comes down to if a bunch of projects are using it already and we should not disrupt them relying on msvc implementations/bugs.
>  This is probably not the case for these two functions but there are many others already in the library that follow this guideline.

Are you suggesting that libc++ should stop declaring/defining these functions, at least publically?

> A good read of this specific bug is here.
>  http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-commits/Week-of-Mon-20130325/077071.html
> @smeenai suggestion of `_LIBCPP_MSVCRT_LIKE` makes a lot of sense here because mingw-w64 is only partially posixy, this leaves room for future possible targets like midipix which uses musl libc to ignore this section of code where mingw and msvc opt in.


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