[PATCH] D32959: Add -target option when clang is invoked to check syntax

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Mon May 8 00:06:58 PDT 2017

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Dear all,

This patch adds the '-target' option to the clang option to invoke to
check the syntax when scan-build is called with the --analyzer-target

I'm using scan-build in cross compile project. (target: armv7-a)
Even when cross compiling, scan-build invokes clang with -triple (HOST
ARCH) to check syntax.
Therefore, if my code has some errors, clang reports error in syntax checking:

error: unknown target CPU 'armv7-a'

This patch fixes that issue.




Index: tools/scan-build/libexec/ccc-analyzer
--- tools/scan-build/libexec/ccc-analyzer
+++ tools/scan-build/libexec/ccc-analyzer
@@ -224,6 +224,10 @@
   else {
     $Cmd = $Clang;
+    if (defined $AnalyzerTarget) {
+      push @Args, "-target", $AnalyzerTarget;
+    }
     # Create arguments for doing regular parsing.
     my $SyntaxArgs = GetCCArgs($HtmlDir, "-fsyntax-only", \@Args);
     @CmdArgsSansAnalyses = @$SyntaxArgs;
@@ -248,10 +252,6 @@
       push @Args, "-Xclang", "-analyzer-viz-egraph-ubigraph";
-    if (defined $AnalyzerTarget) {
-      push @Args, "-target", $AnalyzerTarget;
-    }
     my $AnalysisArgs = GetCCArgs($HtmlDir, "--analyze", \@Args);
     @CmdArgs = @$AnalysisArgs;

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