r297947 - [OpenCL] Implement as_type operator as alias of __builtin_astype.

Egor Churaev via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Mar 16 05:15:11 PDT 2017

Author: echuraev
Date: Thu Mar 16 07:15:10 2017
New Revision: 297947

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=297947&view=rev
[OpenCL] Implement as_type operator as alias of __builtin_astype.

Reviewers: Anastasia

Reviewed By: Anastasia

Subscribers: cfe-commits, yaxunl, bader

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D28136


Modified: cfe/trunk/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/cfe/trunk/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h?rev=297947&r1=297946&r2=297947&view=diff
--- cfe/trunk/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h (original)
+++ cfe/trunk/lib/Headers/opencl-c.h Thu Mar 16 07:15:10 2017
@@ -6584,777 +6584,85 @@ half16 __ovld __cnfn convert_half16_rtz(
  * OpenCL v1.1/1.2/2.0 s6.2.4.2 - as_type operators
  * Reinterprets a data type as another data type of the same size
-char __ovld __cnfn as_char(char);
-char __ovld __cnfn as_char(uchar);
-char2 __ovld __cnfn as_char2(char2);
-char2 __ovld __cnfn as_char2(uchar2);
-char2 __ovld __cnfn as_char2(short);
-char2 __ovld __cnfn as_char2(ushort);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(char3);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(char4);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(uchar3);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(uchar4);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(short2);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(ushort2);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(int);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(uint);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(float);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(char3);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(char4);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(uchar3);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(uchar4);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(short2);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(ushort2);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(int);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(uint);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(float);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(char8);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(uchar8);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(short3);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(short4);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(ushort3);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(ushort4);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(int2);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(uint2);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(long);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(ulong);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(float2);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(char16);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(uchar16);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(short8);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(ushort8);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(int3);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(int4);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(uint3);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(uint4);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(long2);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(ulong2);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(float3);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(float4);
-uchar __ovld __cnfn as_uchar(char);
-uchar __ovld __cnfn as_uchar(uchar);
-uchar2 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar2(char2);
-uchar2 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar2(uchar2);
-uchar2 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar2(short);
-uchar2 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar2(ushort);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(char3);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(char4);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(uchar3);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(uchar4);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(short2);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(ushort2);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(int);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(uint);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(float);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(char3);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(char4);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(uchar3);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(uchar4);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(short2);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(ushort2);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(int);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(uint);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(float);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(char8);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(uchar8);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(short3);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(short4);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(ushort3);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(ushort4);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(int2);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(uint2);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(long);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(ulong);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(float2);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(char16);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(uchar16);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(short8);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(ushort8);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(int3);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(int4);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(uint3);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(uint4);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(long2);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(ulong2);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(float3);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(float4);
-short __ovld __cnfn as_short(char2);
-short __ovld __cnfn as_short(uchar2);
-short __ovld __cnfn as_short(short);
-short __ovld __cnfn as_short(ushort);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(char3);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(char4);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(uchar3);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(uchar4);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(short2);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(ushort2);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(int);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(uint);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(float);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(char8);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(uchar8);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(short3);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(short4);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(ushort3);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(ushort4);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(int2);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(uint2);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(long);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(ulong);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(float2);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(char8);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(uchar8);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(short3);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(short4);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(ushort3);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(ushort4);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(int2);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(uint2);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(long);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(ulong);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(float2);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(char16);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(uchar16);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(short8);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(ushort8);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(int3);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(int4);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(uint3);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(uint4);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(long2);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(ulong2);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(float3);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(float4);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(short16);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(ushort16);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(int8);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(uint8);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(long3);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(long4);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(ulong3);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(ulong4);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(float8);
-ushort __ovld __cnfn as_ushort(char2);
-ushort __ovld __cnfn as_ushort(uchar2);
-ushort __ovld __cnfn as_ushort(short);
-ushort __ovld __cnfn as_ushort(ushort);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(char3);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(char4);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(uchar3);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(uchar4);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(short2);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(ushort2);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(int);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(uint);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(float);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(char8);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(uchar8);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(short3);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(short4);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(ushort3);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(ushort4);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(int2);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(uint2);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(long);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(ulong);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(float2);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(char8);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(uchar8);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(short3);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(short4);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(ushort3);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(ushort4);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(int2);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(uint2);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(long);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(ulong);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(float2);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(char16);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(uchar16);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(short8);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(ushort8);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(int3);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(int4);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(uint3);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(uint4);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(long2);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(ulong2);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(float3);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(float4);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(short16);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(ushort16);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(int8);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(uint8);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(long3);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(long4);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(ulong3);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(ulong4);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(float8);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(char3);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(char4);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(uchar3);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(uchar4);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(short2);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(ushort2);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(int);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(uint);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(float);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(char8);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(uchar8);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(short3);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(short4);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(ushort3);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(ushort4);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(int2);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(uint2);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(long);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(ulong);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(float2);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(char16);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(uchar16);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(short8);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(ushort8);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(int3);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(int4);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(uint3);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(uint4);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(long2);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(ulong2);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(float3);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(float4);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(char16);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(uchar16);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(short8);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(ushort8);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(int3);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(int4);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(uint3);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(uint4);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(long2);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(ulong2);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(float3);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(float4);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(short16);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(ushort16);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(int8);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(uint8);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(long3);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(long4);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(ulong3);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(ulong4);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(float8);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(int16);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(uint16);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(long8);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(ulong8);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(float16);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(char3);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(char4);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(uchar3);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(uchar4);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(short2);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(ushort2);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(int);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(uint);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(float);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(char8);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(uchar8);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(short3);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(short4);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(ushort3);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(ushort4);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(int2);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(uint2);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(long);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(ulong);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(float2);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(char16);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(uchar16);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(short8);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(ushort8);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(int3);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(int4);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(uint3);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(uint4);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(long2);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(ulong2);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(float3);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(float4);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(char16);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(uchar16);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(short8);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(ushort8);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(int3);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(int4);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(uint3);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(uint4);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(long2);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(ulong2);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(float3);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(float4);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(short16);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(ushort16);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(int8);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(uint8);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(long3);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(long4);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(ulong3);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(ulong4);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(float8);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(int16);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(uint16);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(long8);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(ulong8);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(float16);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(char8);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(uchar8);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(short3);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(short4);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(ushort3);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(ushort4);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(int2);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(uint2);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(long);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(ulong);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(float2);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(char16);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(uchar16);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(short8);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(ushort8);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(int3);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(int4);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(uint3);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(uint4);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(long2);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(ulong2);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(float3);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(float4);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(short16);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(ushort16);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(int8);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(uint8);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(long3);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(long4);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(ulong3);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(ulong4);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(float8);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(short16);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(ushort16);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(int8);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(uint8);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(long3);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(long4);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(ulong3);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(ulong4);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(float8);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(int16);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(uint16);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(long8);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(ulong8);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(float16);
-long16 __ovld __cnfn as_long16(long16);
-long16 __ovld __cnfn as_long16(ulong16);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(char8);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(uchar8);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(short3);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(short4);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(ushort3);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(ushort4);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(int2);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(uint2);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(long);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(ulong);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(float2);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(char16);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(uchar16);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(short8);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(ushort8);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(int3);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(int4);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(uint3);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(uint4);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(long2);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(ulong2);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(float3);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(float4);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(short16);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(ushort16);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(int8);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(uint8);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(long3);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(long4);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(ulong3);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(ulong4);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(float8);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(short16);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(ushort16);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(int8);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(uint8);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(long3);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(long4);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(ulong3);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(ulong4);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(float8);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(int16);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(uint16);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(long8);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(ulong8);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(float16);
-ulong16 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong16(long16);
-ulong16 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong16(ulong16);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(char3);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(char4);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(uchar3);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(uchar4);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(short2);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(ushort2);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(int);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(uint);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(float);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(char8);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(uchar8);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(short3);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(short4);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(ushort3);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(ushort4);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(int2);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(uint2);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(long);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(ulong);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(float2);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(char16);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(uchar16);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(short8);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(ushort8);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(int3);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(int4);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(uint3);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(uint4);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(long2);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(ulong2);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(float3);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(float4);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(char16);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(uchar16);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(short8);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(ushort8);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(int3);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(int4);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(uint3);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(uint4);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(long2);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(ulong2);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(float3);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(float4);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(short16);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(ushort16);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(int8);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(uint8);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(long3);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(long4);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(ulong3);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(ulong4);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(float8);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(int16);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(uint16);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(long8);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(ulong8);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(float16);
+#define as_char(x) __builtin_astype((x),   char)
+#define as_char2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  char2)
+#define as_char3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  char3)
+#define as_char4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  char4)
+#define as_char8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  char8)
+#define as_char16(x) __builtin_astype((x), char16)
+#define as_uchar(x) __builtin_astype((x),   uchar)
+#define as_uchar2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uchar2)
+#define as_uchar3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uchar3)
+#define as_uchar4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uchar4)
+#define as_uchar8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uchar8)
+#define as_uchar16(x) __builtin_astype((x), uchar16)
+#define as_short(x) __builtin_astype((x),   short)
+#define as_short2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  short2)
+#define as_short3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  short3)
+#define as_short4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  short4)
+#define as_short8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  short8)
+#define as_short16(x) __builtin_astype((x), short16)
+#define as_ushort(x) __builtin_astype((x),   ushort)
+#define as_ushort2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ushort2)
+#define as_ushort3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ushort3)
+#define as_ushort4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ushort4)
+#define as_ushort8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ushort8)
+#define as_ushort16(x) __builtin_astype((x), ushort16)
+#define as_int(x) __builtin_astype((x),   int)
+#define as_int2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  int2)
+#define as_int3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  int3)
+#define as_int4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  int4)
+#define as_int8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  int8)
+#define as_int16(x) __builtin_astype((x), int16)
+#define as_uint(x) __builtin_astype((x),   uint)
+#define as_uint2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uint2)
+#define as_uint3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uint3)
+#define as_uint4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uint4)
+#define as_uint8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  uint8)
+#define as_uint16(x) __builtin_astype((x), uint16)
+#define as_long(x) __builtin_astype((x),   long)
+#define as_long2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  long2)
+#define as_long3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  long3)
+#define as_long4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  long4)
+#define as_long8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  long8)
+#define as_long16(x) __builtin_astype((x), long16)
+#define as_ulong(x) __builtin_astype((x),   ulong)
+#define as_ulong2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ulong2)
+#define as_ulong3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ulong3)
+#define as_ulong4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ulong4)
+#define as_ulong8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  ulong8)
+#define as_ulong16(x) __builtin_astype((x), ulong16)
+#define as_float(x) __builtin_astype((x),   float)
+#define as_float2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  float2)
+#define as_float3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  float3)
+#define as_float4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  float4)
+#define as_float8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  float8)
+#define as_float16(x) __builtin_astype((x), float16)
 #ifdef cl_khr_fp64
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(double);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(double2);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(double);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(double2);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(double);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(double);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(double2);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(double3);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(double4);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(double);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(double);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(double2);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(double3);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(double4);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(double);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(double2);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(double2);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(double3);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(double4);
-int16 __ovld __cnfn as_int16(double8);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(double);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(double2);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(double2);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(double3);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(double4);
-uint16 __ovld __cnfn as_uint16(double8);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(double);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(double2);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(double3);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(double4);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(double3);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(double4);
-long8 __ovld __cnfn as_long8(double8);
-long16 __ovld __cnfn as_long16(double16);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(double);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(double2);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(double3);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(double4);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(double3);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(double4);
-ulong8 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong8(double8);
-ulong16 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong16(double16);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(double);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(double2);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(double2);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(double3);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(double4);
-float16 __ovld __cnfn as_float16(double8);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(char8);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(uchar8);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(short3);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(short4);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(ushort3);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(ushort4);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(int2);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(uint2);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(long);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(ulong);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(float2);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(double);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(char16);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(uchar16);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(short8);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(ushort8);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(int3);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(int4);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(uint3);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(uint4);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(long2);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(ulong2);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(float3);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(float4);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(double2);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(short16);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(ushort16);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(int8);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(uint8);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(long3);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(long4);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(ulong3);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(ulong4);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(float8);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(double3);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(double4);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(short16);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(ushort16);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(int8);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(uint8);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(long3);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(long4);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(ulong3);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(ulong4);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(float8);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(double3);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(double4);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(int16);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(uint16);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(long8);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(ulong8);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(float16);
-double8 __ovld __cnfn as_double8(double8);
-double16 __ovld __cnfn as_double16(long16);
-double16 __ovld __cnfn as_double16(ulong16);
-double16 __ovld __cnfn as_double16(double16);
+#define as_double(x) __builtin_astype((x),   double)
+#define as_double2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  double2)
+#define as_double3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  double3)
+#define as_double4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  double4)
+#define as_double8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  double8)
+#define as_double16(x) __builtin_astype((x), double16)
 #endif //cl_khr_fp64
 #ifdef cl_khr_fp16
-char2 __ovld __cnfn as_char2(half);
-char3 __ovld __cnfn as_char3(half2);
-char4 __ovld __cnfn as_char4(half2);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(half3);
-char8 __ovld __cnfn as_char8(half4);
-char16 __ovld __cnfn as_char16(half8);
-uchar2 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar2(half);
-uchar3 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar3(half2);
-uchar4 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar4(half2);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(half3);
-uchar8 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar8(half4);
-uchar16 __ovld __cnfn as_uchar16(half8);
-short __ovld __cnfn as_short(half);
-short2 __ovld __cnfn as_short2(half2);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(half3);
-short3 __ovld __cnfn as_short3(half4);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(half3);
-short4 __ovld __cnfn as_short4(half4);
-short8 __ovld __cnfn as_short8(half8);
-short16 __ovld __cnfn as_short16(half16);
-ushort __ovld __cnfn as_ushort(half);
-ushort2 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort2(half2);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(half3);
-ushort3 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort3(half4);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(half3);
-ushort4 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort4(half4);
-ushort8 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort8(half8);
-ushort16 __ovld __cnfn as_ushort16(half16);
-int __ovld __cnfn as_int(half2);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(half3);
-int2 __ovld __cnfn as_int2(half4);
-int3 __ovld __cnfn as_int3(half8);
-int4 __ovld __cnfn as_int4(half8);
-int8 __ovld __cnfn as_int8(half16);
-uint __ovld __cnfn as_uint(half2);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(half3);
-uint2 __ovld __cnfn as_uint2(half4);
-uint3 __ovld __cnfn as_uint3(half8);
-uint4 __ovld __cnfn as_uint4(half8);
-uint8 __ovld __cnfn as_uint8(half16);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(half3);
-long __ovld __cnfn as_long(half4);
-long2 __ovld __cnfn as_long2(half8);
-long3 __ovld __cnfn as_long3(half16);
-long4 __ovld __cnfn as_long4(half16);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(half3);
-ulong __ovld __cnfn as_ulong(half4);
-ulong2 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong2(half8);
-ulong3 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong3(half16);
-ulong4 __ovld __cnfn as_ulong4(half16);
-half __ovld __cnfn as_half(char2);
-half __ovld __cnfn as_half(uchar2);
-half __ovld __cnfn as_half(short);
-half __ovld __cnfn as_half(ushort);
-half __ovld __cnfn as_half(half);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(char3);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(char4);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(uchar3);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(uchar4);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(short2);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(ushort2);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(int);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(uint);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(half2);
-half2 __ovld __cnfn as_half2(float);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(char8);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(uchar8);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(short3);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(short4);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(ushort3);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(ushort4);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(int2);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(uint2);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(long);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(ulong);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(half3);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(half4);
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(float2);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(char8);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(uchar8);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(short3);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(short4);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(ushort3);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(ushort4);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(int2);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(uint2);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(long);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(ulong);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(half3);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(half4);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(float2);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(char16);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(uchar16);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(short8);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(ushort8);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(int3);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(int4);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(uint3);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(uint4);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(long2);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(ulong2);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(half8);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(float3);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(float4);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(short16);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(ushort16);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(int8);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(uint8);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(long3);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(long4);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(ulong3);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(ulong4);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(half16);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(float8);
-float __ovld __cnfn as_float(half2);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(half3);
-float2 __ovld __cnfn as_float2(half4);
-float3 __ovld __cnfn as_float3(half8);
-float4 __ovld __cnfn as_float4(half8);
-float8 __ovld __cnfn as_float8(half16);
-#ifdef cl_khr_fp64
-half3 __ovld __cnfn as_half3(double);
-half4 __ovld __cnfn as_half4(double);
-half8 __ovld __cnfn as_half8(double2);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(double3);
-half16 __ovld __cnfn as_half16(double4);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(half3);
-double __ovld __cnfn as_double(half4);
-double2 __ovld __cnfn as_double2(half8);
-double3 __ovld __cnfn as_double3(half16);
-double4 __ovld __cnfn as_double4(half16);
-#endif //cl_khr_fp64
+#define as_half(x) __builtin_astype((x),   half)
+#define as_half2(x) __builtin_astype((x),  half2)
+#define as_half3(x) __builtin_astype((x),  half3)
+#define as_half4(x) __builtin_astype((x),  half4)
+#define as_half8(x) __builtin_astype((x),  half8)
+#define as_half16(x) __builtin_astype((x), half16)
 #endif //cl_khr_fp16
 // OpenCL v1.1 s6.9, v1.2/2.0 s6.10 - Function qualifiers

Modified: cfe/trunk/test/SemaOpenCL/as_type.cl
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/cfe/trunk/test/SemaOpenCL/as_type.cl?rev=297947&r1=297946&r2=297947&view=diff
--- cfe/trunk/test/SemaOpenCL/as_type.cl (original)
+++ cfe/trunk/test/SemaOpenCL/as_type.cl Thu Mar 16 07:15:10 2017
@@ -1,7 +1,4 @@
-// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -emit-llvm -triple spir-unknown-unknown -o - -verify -fsyntax-only
-typedef __attribute__(( ext_vector_type(3) )) char char3;
-typedef __attribute__(( ext_vector_type(16) )) char char16;
+// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -emit-llvm -triple spir-unknown-unknown -finclude-default-header -o - -verify -fsyntax-only
 char3 f1(char16 x) {
   return  __builtin_astype(x, char3); // expected-error{{invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'char3' (vector of 3 'char' values) and 'char16' (vector of 16 'char' values) must match}}
@@ -11,3 +8,7 @@ char16 f3(int x) {
   return __builtin_astype(x, char16); // expected-error{{invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'char16' (vector of 16 'char' values) and 'int' must match}}
+void foo() {
+    char src = 1;
+    int dst = as_int(src); // expected-error{{invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'int' and 'char' must match}}

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