[PATCH] D30881: Track skipped files in dependency scanning

Pete Cooper via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 13 00:10:59 PDT 2017

pete created this revision.

Its possible for a header to be a symlink to another header.  In this case, both are actually the same underlying file, and will both have the same include guards.

Because of this, if we #include the header, then #include the symlink, or vice versa, then one will get a FileChanged callback, and the next FileSkipped.

So that we get an accurate dependency file, we therefore need to also implement the FileSkipped callback in dependency scanning.



Index: test/Frontend/dependency-gen-symlink.c
--- /dev/null
+++ test/Frontend/dependency-gen-symlink.c
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
+// REQUIRES: shell
+// Basic test
+// RUN: rm -rf %t.dir
+// RUN: mkdir %t.dir
+// RUN: mkdir %t.dir/a
+// RUN: mkdir %t.dir/b
+// RUN: echo "#ifndef HEADER_A" > %t.dir/a/header.h
+// RUN: echo "#define HEADER_A" >> %t.dir/a/header.h
+// RUN: echo "#endif" >> %t.dir/a/header.h
+// RUN: ln %t.dir/a/header.h %t.dir/b/header.h
+// RUN: %clang -MD -MF %t.dir/file.deps %s -fsyntax-only -I %t.dir
+// RUN: FileCheck -input-file=%t.dir/file.deps %s
+// CHECK: dependency-gen-symlink.o
+// CHECK: dependency-gen-symlink.c
+// CHECK: a/header.h
+// CHECK: b/header.h
+#include "a/header.h"
+#include "b/header.h"
Index: lib/Frontend/DependencyFile.cpp
--- lib/Frontend/DependencyFile.cpp
+++ lib/Frontend/DependencyFile.cpp
@@ -185,6 +185,11 @@
   void FileChanged(SourceLocation Loc, FileChangeReason Reason,
                    SrcMgr::CharacteristicKind FileType,
                    FileID PrevFID) override;
+  void FileSkipped(const FileEntry &SkippedFile,
+                   const Token &FilenameTok,
+                   SrcMgr::CharacteristicKind FileType) override;
   void InclusionDirective(SourceLocation HashLoc, const Token &IncludeTok,
                           StringRef FileName, bool IsAngled,
                           CharSourceRange FilenameRange, const FileEntry *File,
@@ -291,6 +296,12 @@
+void DFGImpl::FileSkipped(const FileEntry &SkippedFile,
+                 const Token &FilenameTok,
+                 SrcMgr::CharacteristicKind FileType) {
+  AddFilename(llvm::sys::path::remove_leading_dotslash(SkippedFile.getName()));
 void DFGImpl::InclusionDirective(SourceLocation HashLoc,
                                  const Token &IncludeTok,
                                  StringRef FileName,

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