[PATCH] D21279: Fix some issues in clang-format's AlignConsecutive modes

Erik Nyquist via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 9 16:57:22 PST 2017

enyquist added a comment.

Hey bmharper :) I've got a review open that conflicts with this one, just having a look to see what I'll need to refactor

In fact, I have a question-- the conflict is specifically in WhitespaceManager.cpp. Since I needed to detect PP macros containing changes in scope depth (code blocks surrounded by curly braces, macro parameter lists, etc), I was having the same problem as you-- AlignTokens was bailing out whenever the scope depth changed.

In my case, I just added a new parameter to AlignTokens, MaxNestingLevelIncrease, indicating how much the level can increase before we stop alignment, making the allowable scope-depth configurable. For example, calling AlignTokens with this flag set to 2 will cause alignment to continue up until we increase scope by two levels.

Now, my question- from what I can tell of your changes, it looks like my code can actually be simpler when this gets merged. The state of AlignTokens will be maintained across changing scope depths, and I won't need to modify AlignTokens so that it can survive something like "#define foo(x) ((x * 2) + 2)". Is  this correct?


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