[PATCH] D28478: Check for musl-libc's max_align_t in addition to other variants.

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Mon Jan 9 13:19:56 PST 2017

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Libcxx will define its own max_align_t when it is not available. However, the
availability checks today only check for Clang's definition and GCC's
definition. In particular, it does not check for musl's definition, which is the
same as GCC's but guarded with a different macro.



Index: include/stddef.h
--- include/stddef.h
+++ include/stddef.h
@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@
 // Re-use the compiler's <stddef.h> max_align_t where possible.
-#if !defined(__CLANG_MAX_ALIGN_T_DEFINED) && !defined(_GCC_MAX_ALIGN_T)
+#if !defined(__CLANG_MAX_ALIGN_T_DEFINED) && !defined(_GCC_MAX_ALIGN_T) && \
+    !defined(__DEFINED_max_align_t)
 typedef long double max_align_t;
Index: include/cstddef
--- include/cstddef
+++ include/cstddef
@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@
 using ::ptrdiff_t;
 using ::size_t;
-#if defined(__CLANG_MAX_ALIGN_T_DEFINED) || defined(_GCC_MAX_ALIGN_T)
+#if defined(__CLANG_MAX_ALIGN_T_DEFINED) || defined(_GCC_MAX_ALIGN_T) || \
+    defined(__DEFINED_max_align_t)
 // Re-use the compiler's <stddef.h> max_align_t where possible.
 using ::max_align_t;

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