[PATCH] D27769: Update MSVC compat docs about debug info.

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Index: docs/MSVCCompatibility.rst
--- docs/MSVCCompatibility.rst
+++ docs/MSVCCompatibility.rst
@@ -72,14 +72,14 @@
 .. _/vm: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/yad46a6z.aspx
 .. _pointer to a member of a virtual base class: http://llvm.org/PR15713
-* Debug info: :partial:`Minimal`.  Clang emits both CodeView line tables
-  (similar to what MSVC emits when given the ``/Z7`` flag) and DWARF debug
-  information into the object file.
-  Microsoft's link.exe will transform the CodeView line tables into a PDB,
-  enabling stack traces in all modern Windows debuggers.  Clang does not emit
-  any CodeView-compatible type info or description of variable layout.
-  Binaries linked with either binutils' ld or LLVM's lld should be usable with
-  GDB however sophisticated C++ expressions are likely to fail.
+* Debug info: :good:`Mostly complete`.  Clang emits relatively complete CodeView
+  debug information if ``/Z7`` or ``/Zi`` is passed.  In gcc driver mode, this
+  can be activated with ``-gcodeview``. Microsoft's link.exe will
+  transform the CodeView debug information into a PDB that works in modern
+  Windows debuggers and tools like ETW.
+  There is no way to request DWARF debug info in clang-cl mode, so linking
+  with either binutils' ld or LLVM's lld won't produce debug info.  Work to
+  teach lld about CodeView and PDBs is onging.
 * RTTI: :good:`Complete`.  Generation of RTTI data structures has been
   finished, along with support for the ``/GR`` flag.

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