[PATCH] D27166: [clang-tidy] Enhance modernize-use-auto to templated function casts

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Tue Dec 13 08:15:12 PST 2016

Prazek added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D27166#617696, @malcolm.parsons wrote:

> In https://reviews.llvm.org/D27166#617621, @Prazek wrote:.
> > Does it work for cases like?
> Yes; `replaceExpr()` checks that the variable has the same unqualified type as the initializer and the same canonical type as other variables in the declaration.

Can you add this small test?

Comment at: clang-tidy/modernize/UseAutoCheck.cpp:173-177
+/// Matches the type that was substituted for the template parameter.
+AST_MATCHER_P(SubstTemplateTypeParmType, hasReplacementType,
+              ast_matchers::internal::Matcher<QualType>, InnerMatcher) {
+  return InnerMatcher.matches(Node.getReplacementType(), Finder, Builder);
alexfh wrote:
> Ideally, this should go to ASTMatchers.h (with a proper test and documentation).
I agree 

Comment at: clang-tidy/modernize/UseAutoCheck.cpp:256-264
+  return declStmt(
+             unless(has(varDecl(unless(hasInitializer(ignoringImplicit(callExpr(
+                 anyOf(has(memberExpr(hasExplicitTemplateArgs())),
+                       has(ignoringImpCasts(
+                           declRefExpr(hasExplicitTemplateArgs())))),
+                 callee(functionDecl(
+                     hasTemplateArgument(0,
Can you split this matcher into 3 matchers? It is so large that even clang-format doesn't help with it.
And also because of that I can't come up with good auto variables to use here, because I don't know where the parens ends.

Comment at: docs/clang-tidy/checks/modernize-use-auto.rst:165
+that behave as casts, such as ``llvm::dyn_cast``, ``boost::lexical_cast`` and
I would add to that what functions are considered (functions returning type chosen as first template parameter or something similar). Now someone could think that there is hardcoded list somewhere.


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