[Phabricator] Emails are now sent via Phabricator

Eric Liu via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 25 08:33:08 PST 2016

Hi all,

Emails from Phabricator are now sent with "senders" as:
    <user name> via Phabricator <reviews at reviews.llvm.org>

Previously, Phabricator sent emails on behalf of users using their email
addresses, which has caused DMARC failure for some mail service providers
(e.g. gmail, yahoo). Some of your emails might have been marked as spam due
to this. This is now fixed by always sending emails with Phabricator's
email address.

No action is required from users, but you might want to check your spam box
for any missing emails from Phabricator.

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