[PATCH] D26896: [libcxx] Make constexpr char_traits<T> and char_traits<char>

Eric Fiselier via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Nov 23 01:47:15 PST 2016

EricWF added inline comments.

Comment at: include/__string:213
-    static inline int compare(const char_type* __s1, const char_type* __s2, size_t __n) _NOEXCEPT
-        {return __n == 0 ? 0 : memcmp(__s1, __s2, __n);}
-    static inline size_t length(const char_type* __s)  _NOEXCEPT {return strlen(__s);}
-    static inline const char_type* find(const char_type* __s, size_t __n, const char_type& __a) _NOEXCEPT
-        {return __n == 0 ? NULL : (const char_type*) memchr(__s, to_int_type(__a), __n);}
+    static inline constexpr int
wow. This is #ifdef hell. Please find a way to do it with less (or hopefully no) conditional compilation blocks.


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