[PATCH] D26196: Add support for non-zero null pointer for C and OpenCL

Yaxun Liu via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Nov 22 08:14:07 PST 2016

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> But if you do need to support these conversions for some reason, the correct behavior is to ensure that null is mapped to null.

I only need to do this for constant folding, right? I found that the current implementation is already able to cast null pointer to the correct representation of null pointer in another address space for constant expression. e.g. file-scope variables

  generic char *gen = (global char*)(generic char*)(private char*)0;
  private char *priv = (private char*)(generic char*)(global char*)0;
  global char *glob = (global char*)(generic char*)(global char*)0;

are translated to

  @gen = addrspace(1) global i8 addrspace(4)* null, align 4
  @priv = addrspace(1) global i8* addrspacecast (i8 addrspace(4)* null to i8*), align 4
  @glob = addrspace(1) global i8 addrspace(1)* null, align 4

This is because null pointers are handled in APValue and PointerExprEvaluator::VisitCastExpr. Once a null pointer is identified, it can survive passing through addrspacecast and bitcast. When it gets folded, it becomes the target-specific null pointer representation in the target address space.

However, if an addrspacecast is not going through constant folding, it will be translated to LLVM addrspacecast, e.g.

  void test_cast(void) {
    global char* glob = (global char*)(generic char*)0;

Since the initializer of the function-scope variable does not go through constant folding, it is not translated to target-specific null pointer representation in the target address space. Instead, it is simply an addrspacecast of the original null pointer:

  define void @test_cast() #0 {
    %glob = alloca i8 addrspace(1)*, align 4
    store i8 addrspace(1)* addrspacecast (i8 addrspace(4)* null to i8 addrspace(1)*), i8 addrspace(1)** %glob, align 4
    ret void

This is still correct translation, since backend should be able to understand addrspacecast of null pointer.

Do you think in the last case I should try to fold the addrspacecast?



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