[PATCH] D26896: [libcxx] Make constexpr char_traits<T> and char_traits<char>

Marshall Clow via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Nov 21 13:03:33 PST 2016

mclow.lists added a comment.

Tests look good; I'm still staring at the stuff in `<__string>`.

Comment at: include/__string:138
 template <class _CharT>
-const _CharT*
+_LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR_AFTER_CXX14 inline const _CharT*
 char_traits<_CharT>::find(const char_type* __s, size_t __n, const char_type& __a)
Let's pick an order and stick to it.

Either `_LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR_AFTER_CXX14 inline` (as we use here)
or `inline _LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR_AFTER_CXX14` (as we use on L#204)

I prefer `inline _LIBCPP_CONSTEXPR_AFTER_CXX14`.


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