[PATCH] D26308: [PowerPC] Add vector conversion builtins to altivec.h - clang portion

Nemanja Ivanovic via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 4 14:02:25 PDT 2016

nemanjai created this revision.
nemanjai added reviewers: hfinkel, echristo, kbarton, amehsan, syzaara, sfertile, jtony, lei.
nemanjai added a subscriber: cfe-commits.
nemanjai set the repository for this revision to rL LLVM.
Herald added a subscriber: mehdi_amini.

This patch adds the following interfaces:

vector double vec_double (vector signed long long);
vector double vec_double (vector unsigned long long);
vector double vec_doublee (vector signed int);
vector double vec_doublee (vector unsigned int);
vector double vec_doublee (vector float);
vector double vec_doubleh (vector signed int);
vector double vec_doubleh (vector unsigned int);
vector double vec_doubleh (vector float);
vector double vec_doublel (vector signed int);
vector double vec_doublel (vector unsigned int);
vector double vec_doublel (vector float);
vector double vec_doubleo (vector signed int);
vector double vec_doubleo (vector unsigned int);
vector double vec_doubleo (vector float);
vector float vec_float (vector signed int);
vector float vec_float (vector unsigned int);
vector float vec_float2 (vector signed long long, vector signed long long);
vector float vec_float2 (vector unsigned long long, vector unsigned long long);
vector float vec_float2 (vector double, vector double);
vector float vec_floate (vector signed long long);
vector float vec_floate (vector unsigned long long);
vector float vec_floate (vector double);
vector float vec_floato (vector signed long long);
vector float vec_floato (vector unsigned long long);
vector float vec_floato (vector double);
vector signed int vec_signed (vector float);
vector signed long long vec_signed (vector double);
vector signed int vec_signed2 (vector double, vector double);
vector signed int vec_signede (vector double);
vector signed int vec_signedo (vector double);
vector unsigned int vec_unsigned (vector float);
vector unsigned long long vec_unsigned (vector double);
vector unsigned int vec_unsigned2 (vector double, vector double);
vector unsigned int vec_unsignede (vector double);
vector unsigned int vec_unsignedo (vector double);




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