[PATCH] D24933: Enable configuration files in clang

Hans Wennborg via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Nov 3 07:44:08 PDT 2016

hans added a comment.

Apologies for seeming so negative here. I can see that this would possibly be beneficial for some users. This would be a powerful feature, which is what worries me.

Here's a specific scenario I'm worried about.

For Chromium, our build system provides a specific Clang version close to ToT, and obviously what flags to use when invoking it. (Developers can of course override the flags when configuring if they want.) Now maybe a developer has a ~/clang.cfg because they want certain flags on by default when they build *other* projects, those flags would now be applied to all clangs, including the one we provide, and potentially wreak havoc.

As for compiler bugs getting harder to reproduce, we already get a lot of bug reports where only the driver invocation is provided, e.g. "clang -O2 foo.c". If the user has a config file that sets -fsome-other-flag, we wouldn't see it. Even worse, what if distros start trying to be helpful and provide default config files?

Other random thoughts:
Do we want to get the same config file for "clang", "clang++" and "clang-cl"? They accept different flags.
If we are going to move forward with this, I think the patch should also include an update to docs/UsersManual.rst, explaining exactly how it works (after that's been figured out of course).


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